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Kevin Riordan - Free Indeed Ministries

Kevin is an evangelist who travels nationally and internationally. He has spent the last 20 years ministering not only in the four walls of the church but in grocery stores, restaurants, on the streets, and anywhere there are people. The Lord has given Kevin a powerful anointing for impartation and activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and he desires to see every believer equipped and on fire to advance the Kingdom everywhere they go.

Kevin published his first book, “Street Fisher: Living on Mission for God” in May 2021. Every believer has been invited on a fishing excursion. The fishing grounds are the places where we live. Our target is the hearts of men. Our bait is the power and love of Christ. In the pages of this book you will discover Emanuel, God with us, who is actively pursuing the lost through any believer who will answer the call to go. You can purchase this on Amazon.

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Amy Riordan - Free Indeed Ministries

Amy is an author, speaker, and licensed pastoral counselor with the National Christian Counselors Association. She has been ministering to women since 2010 in the areas of shame, identity, pornography addiction, sexuality, and building intimacy with Jesus. She is passionate about seeing people’s hearts healed and set free while walking in an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Amy published her first book, “Longing for Intimacy: Hope for Women Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction” in March 2018. Her book is her journey of wrestling with same-sex attraction and how she discovered intimacy with Jesus to satisfy the deep longings of her heart. This book serves as a practical tool to encourage, challenge, and give hope to women who are wrestling with same-sex attraction and the challenges that can often go along with it. Amy’s candid writing is also a helpful resource for parents, mentors, loved ones, and churches seeking to walk alongside women wrestling with their sexuality in these ways. You can find her book on Amazon.

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