Event Preparation

Set Free Weekends are a journey towards healing that we all take together. They are a good, safe place where you will meet with God and find freedom.

There will be several sessions throughout the weekend , and two of them will require some preparation by you:

The first session you can prepare ahead of time for is a teaching on soul ties. During the “Freedom From Ungodly Soul Ties” session, we will be talking about two kinds of ungodly soul ties: sexual soul ties and non-sexual soul ties.

In preparation for this session, please list anyone you have been sexually intimate with outside of marriage. (See fill-in worksheet below.) You will not be sharing this list with anyone. If you cannot remember a specific name, please do not worry. Write down what you do remember of the situation. (God knows who you are referring to.)

Also, non-sexual soul ties can often occur as a result of abusive, controlling and/or co-dependent relationships. In preparation for this session, please list any people (parents, mentors, friends, those you strongly admire, or with whom you have had a close or intimate relationship with) where one person dominates another in a manner not designed of God. If you feel controlled by someone or find yourself controlling someone else in any way, please write these names down. (More names may come to mind during the “Freedom From Ungodly Soul Ties” session, and that is ok!)

This list should be kept strictly confidential. Do not show your spouse, and do yourself a favor, don’t try to peek at your spouses list! When we pray to break soul ties, this will be between you and God. 

The other session you can prepare for ahead of time is one where we will deal with unforgiveness and trauma. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal anyone whom you need to forgive. List a name and what you need to forgive the person for. (See fill-in worksheet below.) Be very specific. For example: “Lord I forgive my dad for smacking me across my face at the restaurant, calling me fat and ugly at the party.” etc.

If there was any kind of abuse, write the name of the abuser or abusers and be as specific as possible concerning specific events. Specific events cause specific wounds to the soul, dealing with these things through forgiveness brings healing and freedom. Also, be sure to add yourself, and God if necessary.

At the end of the teaching there will be group prayer to confess forgiveness. This will be personal. Again, no one will see your list. This will be between you and God.

The preparation is the most difficult part of the weekend. You will not need to “dig” for information to fill out these lists. The Holy Spirit knows what you need to remember. There will be things unearthed that have been buried. Keep in mind, the level of freedom that you’ll achieve will depend on the level you are willing to be transparent with God. I can guarantee that you will be glad that you let God deal with these things!

More than likely as you begin this unearthing process, you will begin to experience push back from the enemy. He does not want you to go! He knows that he will be served his walking papers! Recognize what this is. The harder he pushes tells you how important it is for you to be there!

Prepare yourselves to experience the presence of God’s love and healing power in an amazing way; in a way that you never have. An amazing aspect of these weekends is the friendships that are created.

Please know there are people praying for you as you begin the journey to the healing retreat. If you need specific prayer, please contact Amy or myself. We will be happy to cover you in prayer or answer any questions you may have.

Get excited!

~ Kevin

Forgiveness Fill-In Worksheet (Word document)
Forgiveness Fill-In Worksheet (PDF document)

Soul Ties Fill-In Worksheet (Word document)
Soul Ties Fill-In Worksheet (PDF document)