Set Free: Youth (Berlin, PA)

July 26-27, 2019
Swell Ministries
701 North Street, Suite 2
Berlin, PA 15530


We are excited to hold our first ever Set Free Conference for youth! We are joining Swell Ministries for this event, and we are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do!

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We have found that most of the wounds that people need healed of occurred as a young child or in their teens. These wounds tend to skew our view of God. They distort our identity and lead us on a path towards more trauma. Our belief is that if we can get a youth healed and back on track now, we can potentially save them from future wounds.

This is what “Set Free: Youth” is all about. There is no junior Holy Spirit. We are believing that God will pour out His Spirit in a wonderful way, and that the youth will receive a powerful touch from God resulting in healing as well as passion to run their race on fire, lighting fires as they go.


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Kevin and Amy Riordan