Before going to the retreat I was connected with God but disconnected to my husband. We were at a point where bad days were outweighing the good. Communication was broken. Emotional damage and numbness overtook love and humility between us. I was praying that the weekend retreat would be a blessing for us but honestly I didn’t expect much if anything. I’d never gone to a Jesus retreat before.

Throughout the weekend God worked on me. The more I focused on my relationship with God and the bondage I needed to be freed from the less I worried about what God was gonna do for my marriage. God connected with me and made himself known to me like I never experienced before. I received breakthrough in forgiveness and freedom from shame. FREEDOM FROM SHAME!  I received breakthrough in how I worship! The presence of the holy Spirit was so dense and my desire to freely worship him swept me up. I worshiped him that night like in a new way. Jumping and shouting and not caring about the people around me and only seeing Jesus. I worship him like this still and don’t think I am capable of not jumping and shouting in praise for him!

A powerful moment came where my husband and I were able to confess to each other and ask for forgiveness. Speak out the hurts we did to one another and humbly ask for forgiveness. Show each other the love of Jesus through our acknowledgement of our wrongs to one another.

We broke chains that were weighing our marriage down. We broke the lies that the enemy whispered to us about each other. We received the blessing of God over our marriage and claimed healing and life over our family. Jesus showed up. Took our marriage of dry bones and made it alive. Compassion was restored. Communication was restored. Emotional healing restored. God’s place in our lives was restored. The generational curse of divorce was broken and now something I never need to fear again for myself or my children.

The retreat changed my daily life, my worship experiences, and saved my marriage. And it was only the beginning. My relationship has gone deeper and wider since. The healing retreat was the hammer that attacked the walls I built up around myself. The hammer that made the first crack in the wall and allowed God’s blessing to pour out into my spirit and my life.

Thank you for stepping into your calling and doing these retreats. Thank you for being there for us and our marriage.  ~ Ashley


Hello! I’m Victoria. Plenty of times I’ve heard my name being close to victory or victorious. I was invited by some wonderful brothers in Christ to the set free ministry. And I just want to say it was an amazing experience for me, as the Lord revealed some really painful heartaches of my past that I thought were completely gone. I mean talking about deliverance! And deep, deep cleaning, and just to watch how the Lord moves and works was really and truly a blessing. I mean if sat here and wrote to you about it all day, I could write a book.  I just truly want to believe, and have faith in Him and He will make it worth it. For who the Son sets free is free indeed. And so ask the Lord to continue to set His captives free, as it is will!!!  Bless you all!! ~ Victoria


I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Set Free ministries! Before the first healing retreat I was headed towards a spiritual crash – a burnout to be exact. Father God saw that and made sure I got to that retreat. If you have never been through inner healing I cannot say enough how much you need it! I was one of the people who thought I was good to go when really I needed to be put on spiritual and emotional life support! After going through the sessions and being set free from things like unforgiveness, guilt and shame my world was rocked! I was set free from so much! The world seemed more beautiful, colors were more vivid and I felt a peace I could not remember experiencing until that time! Kevin and Amy are two of the most loving, encouraging people I have ever met. Their love for others is so transparent! They have a true passion to see the captives set free! I am so thankful to Father God for leading me to these beautiful people and their ministry! It was truly one of the most impacting and transformational experiences I have had other than getting saved and the baptism of the Holy Spirit! God used this ministry to relight my fire and bring me back to my first love! For that I will be forever grateful!!!
~ Megan Hoppert